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You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars or more for these worksheets elsewhere, but they’re being included as part of this program at no additional cost.

The key to successfully investing in real estate is selecting the right opportunities. Included with the program is a CD that contains customizable templates and worksheets that you can use to analyze deals and make investment decisions—these are the same worksheets that Jon and his students currently use to buy and sell deals—and the same models Jon has used to underwrite, purchase, and broker over $250MM of deals in the past few years.

These worksheets will help you with the following:

  • Understand Leverage and the Power of Financing
    Learn how to use leverage to your advantage and maximize your cash flow while minimizing your risk
  • Create Property Setups
    Figure out if the deal you’re considering makes sense and how it compares to other available investments
  • Create Cash Flow Worksheets
    Model out your expected cash flows over 5, 7 and 10 years or more based on different Assumptions you choose
  • Calculate an IRR
    Figure out the expected Annualized Return of the investment you’re considering and compare alternative investments based on this criteria
  • Calculate Your Tax Savings From Doing a 1031 Exchange
    Calculate how much you’ll save on taxes by doing a 1031 Exchange, and see how much larger your portfolio will grow by deferring your taxes

Everything you need to know to comfortably and confidently use these worksheets is included in the book and videos. They’ll walk you step-by-step so you have the information necessary to become a successful real estate investor and build your own multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.




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